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Pseudo 15x15x15A sticker mod from somebody who does not like rectangular stickers.
Pyramid SquareA square pyramid made from a Square-1. At least this announcement made the built worth it.
Quirky Gem IA reinvented Pentajumble but with different cuts.

Radio Canon (Radiolarian 1.5)A mid-entry in the series of Radiolarians, all face turning icosahedrons.
Raptor CubeA Rex Cube newly designed to include the corners of a Compy Cube
Respect CubeA sticker pattern for the 3x3x3 that poses a nice combinatorial problem to solve it.

Rex BarrelA Rex Cube in shape of a cylinder.
Rex TetraA puzzle derived from the Rex Cube but with an additional set of pieces.
Rhomdo TransformerA hybrid puzzle but not in the classical meaning of the word. It takes an awkward axis system and makes it more awkward.

Rob's IcosahedronAn icosahedral variant of Rob's Pyraminx and Rob's Octahedron.
Rob's OctahedronAn octahedral variant of Rob's Pyraminx
Rob's PyraminxA Halpern-Meier-Tetrahedron (aka Jings Pyraminx) without edges.

Rotascope - CustomizedThree customized Rotascopes with themes based on the other hobbies of the customer.
RotoskewbAn offset Skewb with the mechanism of the Gear Pyraminx
Rubik's 40th Anniversary CubeRubik's 40th Anniversary - Wood Edition.

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