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Mad HedzA series of six almost spherical 2x2x2 which depict six different monsters.
Madness CubedMadness Cubed is a cubic transformation of the More Madness puzzle by Oskar van Deventer.
Magic Morphix setA 2x3x3 and 1x3x3 transformed in a way that they result in a curved tetrahedron.

Master BrillimateA face turning dodecahedron with 4 cuts per axis. The cuts are placed like the Pyraminx Crystal (Brilic) and the Master Pentultimate.
Master Crazy TetraLooks like a Master Pyraminx with circles but the piece set resembles more the Master Skewb.
Master Cross CubeThe higher order version of the Cross cube.

Master Face turning rhombic dodecahedronA face turning rhombic dodecahedron with two cuts per side.
Master Icosahedron MegaminxCombines the cuts of an icosahedrin Impossiball and an icosahedron megaminx. An abandonded prototype.
Master IcosamateA Master Pentultimate in the shape of an icosahedron.

Master Mirror BlockThe concept of the Mirror Blocks (aka Bump Cube) applied to a 4x4x4.
Master OctamateA Master Pentultimate in the shape of an octahedron.
Master PuckubeA shape variant of the Super Square-1 inspired by Tony Fishers Puckube.

Master Quintamese (bandaged 4x4x4)A bandaged 4x4x4 that simulates the Quintamese 4x4x4.
Master SpheremateA Master Pentultimate in the shape of a sphere.
Master TetramateA Master Pentultimate in the shape of a tetrahedron.

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