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DoDep KitThis puzzle succeeds the Neptune DoDep. It allows to implement 680 puzzles with on kit.
DOGIC UltimateThe deeper cuts of a dogic combined with the cuts of an Icosamate. A corner turning icosahedron with four layers.
Domino (medium) 2x2x3A 2x2x3 which looks like a domino with one layer removed.

Double Circle Real 5x5x5The Real 5x5x5 => A 5x5x5 with a 3x3x3 inside and twistable.
Dreidel 3x3x3A hybrid of corner turning and face turning cube. The cuts are inspired by the Dreidel Skewb. The cuts allow 60°-turns.
Dreidel II 3x3x3The simplified cousin of the Dreidel Cube.

Dual Solve MegaminxA Megaminx stickered to have two solutions.
Duo Axis CubeA cubic 3x3x5 moved into a pattern and modified back into cubic shape.
Duo HexagonalA cubic 3x3x5 scrambled, axised and transformed into a hexagonal prism.

Duo PyramidA cubic 3x3x5 scrambled, axised and transformed into tetrahedral shape.
DuomoA Halpern-Meier-Tetrahedron with a strange cutting pattern.
Eitan's NebulaHigher order face turning icosahedron. a.k.a. Master Eitan's Star - a.k.a. Master FTI

Evil DoppelgängerA special subvariant of the Multi Gear Cube Kit closely related to the Gear Cube Extreme.
Fall Apart CubeA puzzle specifically designed to fall apart.
First Ladies CubeAfter the presidential cube the inventor presented this sticker variant depicting the first ladies.

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