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Fisher 3x3x5 CuboidA cubic 3x3x5 twisted inside its solid by 45.
Five CirclesFive separated circles with 17 marbles each. Connected by two giant concentric circle.
Flat StarpadThe flat or coreless verson of starpad.

Floppy Cross 2An enhanced scramble cube with four additional pieces. Could be viewed as Scramble Cube +8.
Floppy FisherA fishered Floppy cube.
Floppy PetaminxThe pentagonal cousin of the 1x9x9

Flower Copter IIA successor of the Flower Copter with different cuts.
Four-color stickerless 4x4x4 cube4x4x4 stickerless cube where every layer has its own color.
Fracture-10 (master)A "master" version of the Fracture-10 puzzle.

Full Turn CubeThis is a 3x3x3 which allows only 360 turnes. It is a puzzle that isn't.
Gear FoldA flat version of Gear Shift.
Geared KitesA shape variant of the Geared Mixup. It preserves its shape while turning.

Geared Mixup PlusAn even more difficult Geared Mixup Cube.
Geared Workout CubeCould be considered as "Workout Cube II"
Gemstone IIA jumbling only axis system that seems to be a deepcut face turning octagonal dipyramid.

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