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Spiral-3 Cube 5x5x5A 5x5x5 bandged to resemble a spiral on one corner.
Square-1 1/2A Square-1 with the smaller pieces split in halves.
Star PyraminxThis puzzle combines the HMT with four faces resembling the megaminx.

Stealth CubeA 5x5x5 in camouflage. It pretends to be a 4x4x4.
Super Crazy 3x3x5 EarthA crazy plus cube (earth variant) with extensions on two faces.
Superclick CubeA cube which requires a lot of force to be twisted. In contrast to the Workout cube it uses magnets instead of friction.

Symmetric Mirror Blocks 2x2x2A 2x2x2 with an axis system shifted symmetrically inside of its solid.
Takenoscope 23A Rotascope implemented completely different.
Ten Billion Barrel (8 layers)A ten billion barrel with eight layers which gives four times the size of the original puzzle.

TraheptrixA doctrinaire puzzle with two axes with 3-fold rotation and heptagonal pieces.
Translucent 4x4x4A mass produced stickerless, transparent 4x4x4
Treasure MinxThe concept of the Treasure Chest applied to a megaminx.

Treasure SkewbThe concept of the Treasure Chest adapted to a Skewb.
Triakis PyraminxA pyraminx truncated and extended again to give it the incomplete shape of a triakis tetrahedron.
Triamese chain 3+8+2+12+3A chain of 6 3x3x3s made to implement the remaining non-uniform triamese cubes. The name denote the sizes of the joint blocks.

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