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TribulusA truncated Pyraminx very similar to Brandt's Knuffy.
Truncated 14Meffert's Pyraminx truncated on its six edges and the tips.
Truncated Halpern-Meier TetrahedronA build-up shape transformation of a Pyraminx.

Truncated OctaminxThis is an Octaminx with it's 6 tips flattened to a square surface.
Twisted FlameA Pyraminx twisted on one tip. Not meant to be a Twisted Pyraminx.
Twisty PebbleThe third bumped Pyraminx, being even bumpier.

Vertigo PyraminxA truncated Pyraminx with a rare symmetry.
Windmill PyraminxResembles an edges only Halpern-Meier-Tetrahedron.

Yeet ballA mass produced sphere with a mechanism equivalent to the Pyraminx.

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