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Pyraminx Deluxe Limited EditionAnother version of the Pyraminx. It has wooden tiles.
Pyraminx Mirror (wood)The "Exaggerated bump Pyraminx" reimplemented with plates made from wood instead of plastic.

Pyraminx NecklaceA mass produced Pyraminx with with a necklace chain and edge length of just 35 mm.
Pyraminx PetreoPyraminx with stone gems instead of tiles or stickers.
Pyraminx Ultimate StickersPyraminx with Ultimate sticker pattern.

Pyraminx with hexagonsA Pyraminx truncated into an unnamed shape which shows several hexagons.
Pyraminx with holo stickersA Pyraminx with yellow body and holographic stickers
Pyraminx with tripletsA Pyraminx with three pyramorphixes attached.

PyramixA Pyraminx with a slightly different logo of chinese origin.
Pyramix (Canada)Seems to be a canadian knockoff of the Pyraminx.
Pyrhombic CrystalA Tetraminx truncated into the shape of a rhombic dodecahedron.

PyricosaminxA Pyraminx truncated into the shape of an icosahedron.
Quaffle BallA sphere with four dents, inspired by the Quidditch ball from the Harry Potter series.
RocketaminxA pyraminx modified into something which resembles a rocket.

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