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Tetra PlanetariumA spherical Pyraminx that looks unturnable at first.
Tetra-PyraminxFour Pyraminxes glued into one big puzzle. Thanks to the trivial tips of a Pyraminx the functionality is unchanged.
Tetracubominx (aka Cuboctaminx)A Pyraminx truncated down into a cuboctahedron.

TetrahexA truncations of a Pyraminx anywhere between a creation of Jürgen Brandt and the Truncated Octaminx.
TetraminxThe official Meffert Tetraminx.
Tipi 1An elongated version of Jürgen Brandt's Lighthouse cube.

TIRaminxA Pyraminx with crystalic pieces and internal stickers shown due to total internal reflection
TIRaminx FireTranslucent stickers on the internal faces of a truncated Crystal Pyraminx shine due to total internal reflection
Toblerone PyraminxOne of the very few Pyraminxes with advertisement.

Triakis PyraminxA pyraminx truncated and extended again to give it the incomplete shape of a triakis tetrahedron.
TribulusA truncated Pyraminx very similar to Brandt's Knuffy.
Truncated 14Meffert's Pyraminx truncated on its six edges and the tips.

Truncated Halpern-Meier TetrahedronA build-up shape transformation of a Pyraminx.
Truncated OctaminxThis is an Octaminx with it's 6 tips flattened to a square surface.
Twisted FlameA Pyraminx twisted on one tip. Not meant to be a Twisted Pyraminx.

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