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FasterosoA Pyraminx in shape of a Tetrakis Tetrahedron.
Festival PyraminxA soviet version of the Pyraminx with the logo of the "World Festival of Youth and Students"
Fisher PyraminxA Pyraminx turned by 60 inside its shape. Inspired by Tony Fisher's namesake creation.

Flame PyraminxA Pyraminx designed from scratch with wavy cuts.
Flower PuzzleSomething halfway between tetraminx and "pyraminx with hexagons"
Fused PyramidTwo Pyraminxes fused asymmetrically.

Fused PyraminxA Pyraminx with some additional parts glued on to be the illusion of a Fused Pyraminx.
Ghoivy cubeThe ghosted cousin of the Ivy Cube.
Giant PyraminxA Pyraminx made to be the largest full functional Pyraminx ever made.

Giant TetraminxA Tetraminx made to be the largest full functional Tetraminx ever made.
Half HexA truncated Tetraminx.
Half Truncated Ivy CubeAn Ivy Cube truncated on four corners.

Hellraiser PyraminxA Pyraminx with a theme based on Hellraiser
Hollow PyramidThe concept of the Hollow Cube transferred to the Pyraminx but with a newly designed mechanism.
Hourglass PyraminxesThe first puzzle in shape of a hourglass which also explains the stickering scheme.

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