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New PyraminxA new version of the Pyraminx inspired by the Prof Pyraminx from the same designer.
Nürnberger VersicherungsgruppePromotional puzzle for a german insurance company.
OctaminxA fairly accessible custom shape variant of the Pyraminx.

Penrose PyraminxThe concept of the Penrose cube applied to a pyraminx.
PillarminxA Pyraminx in the shape of a cuboid.
Pillowed Triangular PrismA Pyraminx in shape of a triangular prism with pillowed faces instead of perfect squares.

Piramida (Odessa)Another tiled Pyraminx from the soviet union.
Piramida Golovolomka (Kharkov)Tiled Pyraminx from the soviet union. Not named "Moldavskaia Piramidka"
Piramida RelenaiaA pyraminx for the blind produced in the Soviet Union.

Piramidka (Penza)Tiled Pyraminx from the soviet union with a simplistic name.
PycubroA Pyraminx with heavy extensions and a batch of additional volume to give it a true cubic shape.
PyrafusionAn arbitrarily truncated Pyraminx. Almost impossible to recreate.

Pyramid (Mefferts)A white pyraminx in a clear plastic package with a strange name on the stickers.
Pyramid P.G.Co PuzzleA high quality repackaging of the Pyraminx.
Pyramid Puzzler KeychainA Pyraminx clone that measures exactly 50 mm along an edge.

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