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Crystal PyraminxA special edition of the Pyraminx sold for the 50th anniversary of the original puzzle.
CubominxA Tetraminx transformed into hexahedral shape.
CurveminxA Pyraminx in a radically concave shape.

D'cubex 19 (Vikingox)A pyraminx handmodified into the shape of a surrealistic Viking.
D'cubex 3 (Breird)An Ivy puzzle mod in the shape of a "brain bird".
Dino TetrahedronA tetrahedron designed to have only edge pieces, like the Dino Cube.

Dolce FloppyAn Ivy Cube reshaped as a cuboid to make four pieces vanish.
DrakenA four times truncated pyraminx.
EasyballA mass produced sphere which mechanism is equivalent to a Pyraminx.

Edge-Only Halpern-Meier-TetrahedronA Halper-Meier-Tetrahedron with corner pieces.
Elementalix - 15 mm (world's smallest micro Pyraminx Puzzle)Elementalix - 15 mm (Micro Pyraminx)
The smallest pyraminx puzzle in the World!
Escher Butterfly PyraminxA custom sticker variation of a Pyraminx. Inspired by the great works of M.C. Escher.

Exaggerated bump PyraminxNot the first Bump Pyraminx (aka Mirror Pyraminx) but this one is way bumpier.
Extended TetraminxEither an extended tetraminx or a pyraminx without trivial tips.
Eye SkewbA puzzle with 4 axes and many ways to interpret it.

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