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Igra Piramidka (Tula)These brands of soviet Pyraminxes have tiles and one with a bas-relief "stamp" stating the price of 3 roubles.
Illuminati Confirmed PyraminxA sticker mod of a Pyraminx based on Illuminati Confirmed Meme, showing colours and style of the US Dollar Bill.
Information Builders PyraminxA promotional Pyraminx.

IvoxAn Ivy Cube in shape of a reuleaux tetrahedron.
Ivy barrelThis cube was made by hand from an Ivy cube
Ivy FoxAn Ivy Cube truncated into a star-like shape.

Ivy MirrorA bumped version of the Ivy Cube.
Jewel TetrahedronA Dino tetrahedron redseigned to be concave.
Junior PrismA Pyraminx transformed into a concave triangular prism.

KnuffyA Pyraminx truncated into the shape of a concave tetrapod-like shape.
KristallThe Tetraminx produced in Alma-Ata during the soviet era.
Kristall (Cheboksary)The Tetraminx produced in Cheboksary (Russia) during the soviet era.

Kristall (for the blind)A Tetraminx for the blind produced in the former soviet union, in Rovno, Ukraine.
Kristall (Ivano-Frankivsk)The Tetraminx produced in Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine) during the soviet era.
Kristals-MA tetraminx with soviet origin with a special spiky shape.

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