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Other Shapes: Sphere
K-Ball 8 (Yellow background)This K-Ball K8 version has a yellow background body.
K-Ball BaseballK-Ball Baseball design
K-Ball BasketballK-Ball Basketball design

K-Ball Boy Flying KiteK-Ball with Boy Flying Kite design
K-Ball Fantasy IslandK-Ball Fantasy Island Design
K-Ball Finding Nemo DreamballA promotional version advertising the movie with the same name.

K-Ball FootballK-Ball Football design
K-Ball GlobeK-Ball Globe designs in various colors all with 70 mm diameter
K-Ball Hanshin Tigers BaseballThis Dreamball is a promotional item for the japanese baseball team of the same name.

K-Ball InfinityK-Ball Infinity design; available with different colors.
K-Ball Macau Golf BallK-Ball Macau Golf & Country Club Golfball Keyring
K-Ball Mefferts Club K-Ball Mefferts Club Golfball Keyring

K-Ball SuperiorK-Ball Superior - Large (82 mm) Pearlescent Globe design.
K-Ball Swirls K-Ball Swirls design (Large and Small)
K-Ball Yomiuri Giants BaseballThis Dreamball promotes the japanese Baseball team with the same name.

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