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Other Shapes: Sphere
Masterball OttifantenA Masterball depicting a shortlived animation series from 1993.
Matryoshka Spheres PuzzleFive Treasure Skewbs designed to to fit inside of each other just like the famous dolls of the same size.
McDonald's DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.

Megaminx SphereMegaminx in shape of a sphere
Mi ball - 48 ballA 48 Cube in shape of a sphere, implemented without magnets.
Mickey's Challenge PuzzleballThis puzzleball features embossed Mickey and Donald characters.

Mini Bender Magic GlobeA very low quality globe puzzle that functions as a 1x1x3.
Minimal 7x7x7A 7x7x7 reduced to nothing more than a skeleton.

Minimal HeptaThe puzzle "between" Minimal Hex and Minimal Octa, designed with a complete different mechanism,
Minimal HexA skeletal version of Gemstone I.
Minimal JumbleThe skeletal version of "Fairly Twisted"

Minimal MixupA skeletal version of Mixup Cube.
Minimal OctaA puzzle related to Minimal Hex reimplementing Gemstone II in a minimalistic way.
Minimal TwistA skewb so minimalistic that it is impossible to be stickered.

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