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Other Shapes: Sphere
Twistball - Sport CollectionTwo variants of the spherical Rainbow Cube. This set comes in two different designs.
USAMaster MasterballThe good mid-level challenge Masterball.
Venus Dreamball (opaque)The opaque version.

Venus Dreamball (transparent)The transparent version.
Void BallA Void cube transformed into a sphere like shape.
Void MegaballA Void megaminx in shape of a sphere.

Void StarballA shape variant of the Starminx clearly inspired by Oskar van Deventers Minimal Twist.
Void TwistballA Twistball with big holes cut into the triangular pieces.
Volleyball DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.

Warner Bros Logo DreamballThis Dreamball shows motives from several other Dreamballs.
Windows Cristal BallA reimplemented Window Bucket without the outer cube.
World Cup PuzzleballThis puzzleball depicts a crude World Cup of Soccer trophy.

Worldmaster MasterballWorld Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Masterball.
Yankees DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.
Yeet ballA mass produced sphere with a mechanism equivalent to the Pyraminx.

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