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Other Shapes: Sphere
Beach BallMach Finommechanika version.
Beachball PuzzleballFour coloured Skewb ball.
Beijing BallA spherical skewb advertising the summer olympics 2008 in Beijing.

Big Ball3 (!) Super Square-1s stacked upon each other and transformed into spherical shape.
Big StingrayThe Big Brother to the Stingray
Black Top MasterballA Masterball variant that's impossible to mix up.

Blindman's Duo MasterballThis all-white Masterball has four raised columns to simulate a Duo.
Blindman's Rainbow MasterballThis Masterball has four raised columns, presenting a partial solution to a fully blind-possible Rainbow Masterball.
BohricA handmade spherical Multidodecahedron.

BowlminxOne half of a megaminx turned inside out into the shape of a bowl.
Brainstring RThe third puzzle named "Brainstring". A minimal twist with elastic string within it.
Bugs Bunny Skewb BallMulti-color skewb ball with what looks like Bugs Bunny and a soccer (football) dog.

Bump MasterballA 3x3x3 resembling an item from the pokemon franchise.
Bump Pripe Ball 3A pentagonal prism with three layers in shape of a sphere.
Burger King DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.

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