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Other Shapes: Sphere
Duo Masterball (Black & Silver)This Duo variant has silver replacing white.
Duo Masterball (Black & Blue)This Duo variant has blue replacing white.
Duo Masterball (Black & Orange)This Duo variant has orange replacing white.

Duo Masterball (Red & White)A very attractive Masterball variant.
Duo Masterball (Red & Yellow)This Duo variant has red and yellow tiles.
Duo Masterball - Bundesliga Fussball - Sat 1A Duo Masterball "sticker" variation.

Duomaster MasterballThe simplest of the Masterball variations.
EasyballA mass produced sphere which mechanism is equivalent to a Pyraminx.
Equator (numbers and smilies)There are at least two differently coloured bodies.

Expo Shanghai 2010Promotional item for the Expo 2010 in Shanghai.
Fifa 2002 DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.

Finder's Ball, GlobeA spherical 2x2x2 showing the earth's surface including several childish motives.
Football Dreamball (blue)This version has blue transparent plastic with gold and silver pentagons.
Football Dreamball (opaque)The opaque version.

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