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Other Shapes: Sphere
Globe BallA spherical skewb.
Globe ball (detailed painting)A spherical skewb with more complex painting.
Globe PuzzleA very low quality 3x3x3 puzzle.

Goofy & Mickey PuzzleballThe two Disney characters playing soccer in 3D relief.
Gundam Seed Haro BallThe pink version.
Gundam Seed Haro Ball greenThe green version.

Harry Potter Golden SnitchA promotional item produced as merchandising.
Hearts DreamballThis Dreamball shows two different hearts.
Impossiball (aka: Incrediball)A unique dodecahedral puzzle.

Inmaxx Thomas BallA promotional version of the ring design.
Insanity BallA spherical version of the Insanity Cube.
Intelligent 2x2x2 BombA shape shifting puzzle in the shape of a brain bomb.

JEI DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.
Junior MasterballA reduced Masterball with 6 slices and 3 layers.
Jupiter Dreamball (opaque)The opaque version.

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