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Diagonal 2x2x2 A 2x2x2 where the pairing colour is placed on the cubic diagonal.
Rubik's Junior A 2x2x2 with two goals to make the puzzle even easier and more beginner-friendly.


Gerardo's Cube The concept of the Floppy 2x3x3 applied to a 3x3x3.
Three Colour Cube An excellent cube for a beginner to try first. A simple piece shuffle variant.


2x2x2 Ball in a Cube A puzzle which looks like the "Ball in a cube" with one dimension smaller.
2x2x2 Coin Cube A face and corner turning hybrid with three and two cuts per axis.
Curvy Dino 2x2x2 Cube An enhanced version of the Curvy Dino Cube which adds the abilities of a 2x2x2.

Dino+Redi cube A corner turning hexahedron. A hybrid model which combines 4 corners rotating like a Dino cube with 4 corners rotating like a Redi cube.
Helicopter + 2x2x2 A hybrid puzzle which combines the Helicopter Cube with the 2x2x2.
iX Cube A redesigned Super X with internals corners that have visible orientation.

Lattice X A hybrid puzzle of Super-X and Lattice Cube
Lite Pandora Cube A 3x3x3 with edges rendered into invisibility.
Multi-2x2x2+Skewb Could be viewed as a shape variant of the Super Z if there weren't the inner pieces resembling the Master Skewb.

Redi 2x2x2 A mass produced Redi cube cut and screwed into a 3D printed core.
Super Six Spots Plus A corner turning hexahedron. Similar to the Skewby Duo but with a different outer cut pattern and stickers to indicate the orientation of the centres.
Super X The first puzzle with a hybrid axis system. This combines face turning and corner turning hexahedron in one puzzle.

Super Z (Skewb + 2x2x2) A hybrid between 2x2x2 and skewb. Two deepcut axis systems in one puzzle.
True Ivy+Dino A corner turning hexahedron. A hybrid model which combines an Ivy cube with 4 corners rotating like a Dino cube.


Anti-canny cube A hybrid puzzle with 20 axes. A curvy copter that allows corner turns of 60.
Gears Mirror The Gear Cube combined with the concept of the Mirror Cube


Coin Octahedron An octahedral version of the Coin Cube.
Dino Octa A face turning octahedron. Built without CAD before the age of 3D-printing.
Okki (a.k.a. Gem) (a.k.a. Pyradiamond) A 2x2x2 in octahedral form.

Okki Gem I (aka Alexanders Gem) A sticker variant of the Okki which transforms the puzzle back into a puzzle equivalent to the 2x2x2.
Okki Gem II A 2x2x2 Octahedron, also called a Gem or Okki, but with a color pattern reminiscent of the Alexander's Star puzzle.


TIRaminx Fire Translucent stickers on the internal faces of a truncated Crystal Pyraminx shine due to total internal reflection


Redi Rhombic Dodecahedron A corner turning Rhombic dodecahedron, or a very simple cube with hybrid axis system.


All-Around Pyraminx Pyraminx and Mastermorphynx combined into one puzzle.
Jewel Tetrahedron A Dino tetrahedron redseigned to be concave.
Mastermorphynx Looks like a Pyraminx but is closely related to the Mastermorphix.

Pyramiddle A Pyraminx with exposed core.
TIRaminx A Pyraminx with crystalic pieces and internal stickers shown due to total internal reflection
Triangularity A face- corner- and edge turning tetrahedron with a super sticker scheme.


3x3x3 Cuboctahedron A straightforward truncation of a Pandora Cube.
3x3x3 Rainbow Cube A hybrid puzzle which combines the twisting abilities of a 3x3x3 and a rainbow cube.
8-Axes Cuboctahedron A Rex Cube in shape of a cuboctahedron.

Clover Cuboctahedron A Clover Cube in shape of a cuboctahedron, an archimedean solid.
Curvy Cubecopta A Curvy Copter truncated into the shape of cuboctahedron.
Friki Cube A 2x2x2 truncated into the shape of a cuboctahedron

Gem+2x2x2 A puzzle with a strong resemblance to "Dayan Gem I" but with an enhanced axis system.
Mama Skewb Hybrid of Meffert's Skewb & Skewb Diamond puzzles.
Master Skewb Cuboctahedron A Master Skewb truncated into the shape of a cuboctahedron which is an archimedean solid.

Two layer dodecagonal prism The cousin of the dodecagonal prism with two layers. Without visible centers.


Centerless Icosaminx "Voided" version of the icosahedron megaminx.
Icosahedron Megaminx A Megaminx transformed into its dual solid shape.
Pentastar A megaminx without its corners.

Rob's Icosahedron An icosahedral variant of Rob's Pyraminx and Rob's Octahedron.


Fudball The dodecahedral cousin of the Doctor Skewb.
Truncated Cuboctahedron Skewb A Skewb in shape of the name giving solid which is an archimedean solid.
V-skewb-X A Skewb Kite truncated into the shape of a Rhombicuboctahedron.


Master Orb A Master Skewb in shape of a sphere.


Clock A sticker variant of a dodecagonal prism with two layers.
SmaZ Clock A three-layered puck with an additional orthogonal cut.


Dodecadodecahedron Skewb A skewb in the shape of he namegiving solid.
Jewel Octahedron An edges-only 3x3x3 in shape of a negatively stellated octahedron. It is the octahedral equivalent of the Alexander Star.
Skewb Star Stellated Skewb from Meffert's parts. The first sample were made without exchanged pieces.

Star Prism A very attractive Square-1 mod.
Star Prism (2 Layer) The two-layer version of the Square-1 Star Prism mod.
X-Rex A Rex Cube truncated on all edges. Inspired by the X-Cube but implemented differently.


3x3x3 knot A cornerless 3x3x3 with extensions on faces and edges.
JT-Ball A combination of the tricylinder 3x3x3, cornerless cube and an unusual stickering scheme.
Pyros 26 A 3x3x3 with tetrahedra instead of cubies.

Six Cube An edges only 3x3x3 in shape of a Burr Puzzle.

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