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The dodecahedral cousin of the Doctor Skewb.

Fudball was inspired by the Soccer Slide puzzle, designed and built by Iwona Gorczyca. Iwona's original design has sliding rhombuses and isosceles triangles. Each of the six great circles can be turned in steps of 72 degrees. By fudging a bit, Oskar turned all pieces into equilateral triangles, allowing 24 degrees steps. This fudging gives the puzzle its name.

The puzzle is related to the Doctor Skewb by Carl Hoff, which also features intersecting great circles of tokens around a sphere. Whereas Carl's design has four intersecting great circles, Fudball has six. In Carls design the circles are roughly parallel to the faces of an octahedron. In Fudball the circles are roughly parallel to the faces of a dodecahedron.

The black hexagons do not move and represent the core of the puzzle. There are 120 triangles in five colors. The identically colored triangles are spread in 4 sets with a tetrahedral configuration.

Unfortunately, it takes rather much force to push the tiles. For this reason, Oskar considers the puzzle as failure and does not sell it.
Edge length: 15 mm
Weight: 164 grams



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