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TIRaminx Fire
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Translucent stickers on the internal faces of a truncated Crystal Pyraminx shine due to total internal reflection

This puzzle is a refinement on the previous TIRaminx also based on a Meffert's Anniversary Crystal Pyraminx. This puzzle is made with solid clear plastic pieces so each tetrahedral or octahedral piece acts as a prism and any colour within is reflected around, reminiscent of the 'fire' of a well-cut diamond.
The internal faces of each tetrahedron and octahedron piece are stickered with translucent colours and the principle of Total Internal Reflection brings the colours to the surface. The colours vary with the viewing angle. Both colours on an edge prism blend a little but the main blending of colour occurs when overlapping faced on tetrahedron and octahedron pieces differ in colour. This adds to the aesthetics of the puzzle without hindering the solve.
When solved, a single colour is visible on the middle layer, a different colour on each axis. The trivial tips of the pyraminx and the earlier TIRaminx were removed to reveal the colours when seen from the triangular top as well as the hexagonal base. They also simplify the build as those trivial tips are non-trivial to remove.



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