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10x12x12A 12x12x12 with 3d printed extensions. No truncations were made.
12x12x12 MirrorThe concept of a Bump (aka Mirror) cube implemented on the basis of a 12x12x12.
13x13 PyraminxA Pyraminx of incredibly high order.

13x13x13 MirrorThe concept of the Bump (aka Mirror) Cube implemented on the basis of a 13x13x13.
14 axes Curvy Dino Regular DodecahedronA modification in the form "regular dodecahedron" of the Curvy dino rhombic dodecahedron.
15x15x15 barrelA 15x15x15 truncated into the shape of a barrel.

16x16x16A mass produced cube of high order.
1x7x7A pillowed 1x7x7. Made by bandaging a 7x7x7.
21x21x21A mass produced cube of very high order.

2x2x2 Magic Eye CubeA 2x2x2 made out of three interconnecting rings. Another version of Rubik's Orbit.
2x2x2 SixFaceA Fused Cube implemented with a 5x5x5 but resembling a 2x2x2.
2x2x2+RexThe Rex Cube combined with a 2x2x2.

2x2x3 BiconeA 2x2x3 in shape of a bicone and ghosted.
2x2x3 CupcakeA 2x2x3 reshaped to simulate a small cake.
2x3x3 Harlequin CupcakeA 2x3x3 in shape of a 2-layered cake with two solutions.

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