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Other Puzzles: Siamese & Fused
3x3x3 Double Barrel ShotgunA shape transformation of a Siamese 6.
3x3x3 LLs2F L2LsFsThese two connected and additionally bandaged 3x3x3 implement two subgroups of the 3x3x3 at once.
3x4x5 (Evil Cuboid)A not fully-functional cuboid. Made from a siamese-variant.

3x4x7 (extended triamese)A triamese cube that looks like a cuboid.
4CubesFour parts (looking like a 3x3x3) connected into a single puzzle. The second (the other being an 11x11x11) collaboration of Tony Fisher with another designer.
4x4x4 Evil Hexagonal DipyramidAnother hexagonal dipyramid. This time made from a pair of Fused Cubes.

4x6x7 (extended Siamese)This 4x6x7 is made just like a 3x4x5 (extended Siamese). It's based off of two 4x4x4s instead of two 3x3x3s.
5 combined TetrasFive Pyramorphixes fused into one puzzle.
6x6x6 Evil TwinA Fused 4x4x4 in disguise.

Arch CubesTwo 3x3x3's fused into one puzzle creating a unusual Siamese-variant which is equivalent (solvingwise) to the Barbell Cube.
B12C111A twofold implementation of the slice cube group.

Bi-Colour Siamese CubesA sticker mod of the common siamese cubes with many identical pieces.
Bifrost BridgeTwo Rainbow Cubes fused into one puzzle.
Bino CubeTwo Dino Cubes glued into a single puzzle.

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