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Other Puzzles: Siamese & Fused
Fused PyraminxA Pyraminx with some additional parts glued on to be the illusion of a Fused Pyraminx.
Fused SkewbsTwo (not three) skewbs fused to a non-functional central cuboctahedron.
GarezaNot a bandaged 4x4x4 but a Fused 3x3x3 with additional pieces glued on.

GeodeWhat may look like a simple puzzle turns crazy when external bandaging comes into effect.
Giant Evil Twin BarrelA giant Evil Twin in shape of a barrel.
GigamateTwo Gigaminxes fused together into a siamese-like puzzle.

Hex Prism TowerTwo enclosed cubes fused into a siamese variant and with the tips chopped off.
Holey Siamese SkewbThe Siamese Skewb rebuilt with its holey cousins.
Hourglass PyraminxesThe first puzzle in shape of a hourglass which also explains the stickering scheme.

Hyper Octagonal BarrelA Siamese Cube modifed into something similar to a Case Cube.
Junior Fused CubesA Rubik's 2x2x2 with a mini 3x3x3 corner.
Linked Double RubikA pair of Fused Cubes, additionally linked with ropes connecting the two cubes.

Linking VoidTwo modified Void Cubes fused into one puzzle.
Linking Void IIThe 2012-version of the Linking Void.
Master SiaminxTwo Master Pyraminxes fused into one puzzle.

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