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Other Puzzles: Siamese & Fused
Siamese 4x4x4 (1x2x4)A straightforward Siamese version of the 4x4x4.
Siamese 4x4x4 (2x2x4)Two 4x4x4's sharing four columns of cubies.
Siamese 5x5x5 CubesTwo 5x5x5s fused together with a joined block of size 1x1x5.

Siamese 6 (1x2x3) CubesA nice custom-built variation on the Siamese Cubes.
Siamese 6 (1x2x3) Key ChainA nice custom-built variation on the Siamese Cubes.
Siamese 6x6x6Two 6x6x6's truncated and glued together.

Siamese BellioA Siamese 2x2x2 in shape of a cuboctahedron.
Siamese Bump CubeA Siamese 3x3x3. This time with two bump cubes and a connecting block of 1x1x1.
Siamese Confused PillowsTwo Confused Pillow Cubes were fused into a new single puzzle.

Siamese Cube (aka Siamese 3 (1x1x3))The Mefferts version. Designed for easy disassembling.
Siamese CuboctahedronsSiamese Cuboctahedrons. Two handmade cuboctahedral 3x3x3 fused into a Siamese puzzle.
Siamese DominoTwo 2x3x3's fused into one puzzle. The result behaves like a pair of two bandaged Floppy Cubes.

Siamese Fisher CubeTwo mass produced Fisher Cubes fused into one pair of Siamese Cubes.
Siamese Fisher+WindmillA Fisher Cube and a Windmill Cube fused into a Siamese puzzle
Siamese Hexagonal DipyramidsTwo Hexagonal Dipyramids fused into a Siamese puzzle.

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