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Other Puzzles: Siamese & Fused
Triple Fused 4x4x4Three 4x4x4's fused together into a Triamese Cube.
Triple Fused PetaminxesAn extreme creation which came out of a joke.
Truncated Siamese Mirror BlocksTwo sample of the Mirror Blocks were fused to a siamese puzzle and afterwards truncated.

Twin StarsA pair of Siamese 3x3x3's truncated on the not-combined edges.
Twin TriTangleTwo TriTangle puzzles sharing a single core.
Twisty TreeA "puzzle" looking like a tree.

Valentine's Siamese Heart 1x3x3 (aka heart to heart)Two heart shapes Floppy cubes fused into a Siamese Puzzle
Void cube fused with a 5x5x5A hybrid siamese with a void cube as one halve.
Weird Block 2x3x4Two 2x2x2s with extra cubies glued on to create the illusion of a 2x3x4.

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