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Other Puzzles: Siamese & Fused
Dumbbell CubeTwo 3x3x3s connected with a complex mechanism. Every turned side is followed by one side of the other cube.
Dumbbell SkewbTwo Skewbs (or better: Holey Skewbs) connected with a complex mechanism. Every turn is followed by one turn of the other Skewb.
Evil 2x3x4A wannabe 2x3x4 made from two 2x2x2s.

Evil mask cubeA fused cube, extended to become a 4x4 evil twins cube. After that it was shaped and stickered to look like the 4x4 mask cube.
Evil TwinA Fused 2x2x2 with additional cubies.
Evil Twin 4x4x4A Fused Cube with additional cubies glued on to create the illusion of a 4x4x4

Evil Twin IIThis is the Evil Twin II (5x5x5) compared with the orginal (3x3x3).
Evil Twin Master FloppyTwo Floppy Cubes fused to look like 1x4x4.
Evil Twins MirrorThe bumped version of the Evil Twins.

Fortress CubeA fused puzzle which combines two different puzzles.
Fortress Cube 2Nine 3x3x3s fused into one puzzle.
Fortress IIEight 3x3x3's connected with one 6x6x6 between them. Since they share only one piece each the nine puzzles can be solved independently.

Fractal CubeA twisty puzzle that is self-similar.
FractalmorphixOne big Pyramorphix with four attached smaller Pyramorphixes.
Fully Functional Fused 2x3x3A Siamese 2x3x3 which allows additional unexpected moves.

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