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NxNxN: 3x3x3
Crystal CubeThe mass produced cousin of the Lite Cube. The transparent tiles have a relief and there is no visible switch. A transparent cube with a single LED inside the core which flashes while the cube is rotated.
Cube & CubeA 3x3x3 from the cube craze produced for the japanese market.
Cube (Dynasty)A clone of the ultimate cube with white body in a cubical case.

Cube BouchonA 3x3x3 which opposite sides are connected with gears. These gears make the sides to twist in different ratios during one full turn.
Cube Magique (Magic Square)French for "Magic Cube", I guess.

Cube PuzzleChadwick Miller, Inc. Canton, Mass 02021. Made in Taiwan
Cube Puzzle Key Rings (28 mm)Another knock-off from the original cube craze.
Cube4You Interchangeable Tile Cube3x3x3 by Cube4You with interchangeable Tiles.

Cubic void bump cube (mirror blocks)A Bump cube (aka mirror blocks) made from a void cube.
Cubix TubeA 3x3x3 with tube-like pieces.
Cubo DiabolicoSeems to be a copy from the original cube craze. The case looks like those ITC sold back then.

Cubo MagicoItalian cube advertising a world championship in Montecarlo on 30th september 1982.
Cubo Rubik's3x3x3 from 2014 by Hasbro, produced for the spanish market. Utilizes a pagoda style mechanism.
Curvy CubeA curved 3x3x3. Stickers in a classic sticker scheme.

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