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NxNxN: 3x3x3
Functional Candle Rubik's CubeA cube made almost completely out of wax.
Fused cubeFused cube. Technically the same as the Fused Cubes, but only one cube. Seven cubies are fused to make one, Eight if considering the inner 1x1 core, leaving only FRU movements possible.
Fuzzy CubeA 3x3x3 with colored pom-poms glued on every single sticker.

Geared Workout CubeCould be considered as "Workout Cube II"
Geary CubeA geared Rubik's Cube with opposite faces moving in opposite directions.
Gerardo's CubeThe concept of the Floppy 2x3x3 applied to a 3x3x3.

Giant Magic CubeThis cube stands almost a full 90 mm.
Gift Cube / Treasure ChestA cube which is hollow and can be opened when solved.

Glitter Magic CubeAll stickers are reflective with a glitter like surface.
Glitter Magic Cube Key ChainThis low quality key chain sized cube has glittering stickers. It is the standard key chain size, but has neither an attached chain nor a hole where one used to be.
Glow in the Dark 3x3x3 cubeA mass produced cube made from plastic with the addition of phosphorus. It glows green or blue in the dark.

Good Neighbours CubeA 3x3x3 with constrained movements. No two lids are allowed in the same edge.
Grey CubeThis standard-sized cube is made from grey plastic instead of black and has pastel coloured stickers.
Grey Key Chain CubeThis standard Key Chain sized cube is made out of grey plastic.

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