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NxNxN: 3x3x3
Idéal Loisirs France Rubik's Cube IIIThird french edition of the Rubiks Cube by Ideal Toy Corporation
Idiot's CubeAnother cube with only one colour. This time in grey.
Impossible CubeA 3x3x3 from 1980s with an unusual color scheme

Incomprehensible CubeA physical implementation of (UD', L, Ls, Fs). A 3x3x3 with a coupled pair of edges and two opposing sides coupled.
ITC Rubik's Cube (Hollis N.Y.)Version with english text, produced while ITC resided in Queens.
ITC Rubik's Cube (US packaging I)Ideal's original 1980 U.S. packaging.

ITC Rubik's Cube (US packaging II)The second of the three different 1980 Ideal U.S. packages.
ITC Rubik's Cube (US packaging III)The third of the three different Ideal 1980 U.S. packages. With a transparent sticker carrying the logo.

ITC Rubik's Cube - Canadian EditionThe canadian version of the third american packaging by Ideal Toy Corporation.

ITC Rubik's Cube - ITC UK tub packagingIdeal's "tub" packaging. Released in the UK in 1981.

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