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NxNxN: 3x3x3
Axis bump illusionAxis cube restickered to look like a bump cube
Babyface 3x3x3Babyface version of 3x3x3. The puzzle has still three layers which can be moved.
Babyface PlusBasically a 5x5x5 without corners, edges and wings. The outer layers can move independently.

Ball Sudoku CubeMefferts variant of the "Nine Color Scramble Cube"
BallSquare 3x3x3Regular 3x3x3 with two rounded corners.
Bandaged 3A bandaged 3x3x3 with 3 corner-edge-blocks in a symmetric pattern.

Bandaged 3x3x3 2013930080085E "3 Quads, 3 Stripes"A bandaged 3x3x3 similar to the Bicube but with a very different challenge.
Bandaged 3x3x3 80400B40DC5A0 "Fused, 3 Stripes"A bandaged 3x3x3 which combines the Fused Cube with the Bandaged-3
Bandaged 3x3x3 Big BlockA 3x3x3 bandaged like a Siamese 12.

Bandaged 3x3x3 Fuse CubeA 3x3x3 bandaged like a Fused Cube
Bandaged by rope CubeThree corners of a 3x3x3 connected with a rope and a ring in between.
Bandaged CubeThe first mass produced bandaged 3x3x3.

Bandaged Cube RevisitedA 3x3x3 bandaged in a quite unusual way.
Bandaged mirrorA mirror cube bandaged in a pattern equivalent to the wellknow bandaged cube.
Bandaged WitTwo V1 Magic CubeA transparent 2x2x2 which unveils the bandaged 3x3x3 inside of it.

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