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NxNxN: 3x3x3
Rubik's Cube (MAKO)Six generations of cubes (all with small differences in the cube and the packages) were produced and sold by MAKO in Spain during the original cube craze.
Rubik's Cube (Milton Bradley)The 2002 Milton Bradley version. Came with two different logos.
Rubik's Cube (OddzOn)Official Rubik's Cubes manufactured in the 1990's and 2000's

Rubik's Cube (Politoys)The Rubik's Cube produced in hungary after the company was renamed in Politoys.
Rubik's Cube (Politoys) (sealed)A very rare version of the blue packages but seald with a golden stripe.
Rubik's Cube (printed colours)1979 Politechnika Cube with printed colors instead of stickers.

Rubik's Cube (produced in Kislovodsk under license of politoys)Rubik's Cube produced in russia under license of politoys. Came in packages that mimick the blue ones from politoys.
Rubik's Cube (second batch by Politechnika)The second batch of the Politechnika version from 1977.
Rubik's Cube (Winning Moves - ITC replica)Another 3x3x3 sold in a packaging resembling those from the original cube craze.

Rubik's Cube (Winning Moves)2005-version by Winning Moves.
Rubik's Cube - Drummond ParkVersion distributed by Drummond Park for the United Kingdom.
Rubik's Cube - Pentangle IProduced in Hungary. Distributed in the UK by Pentangle in 1978

Rubik's Cube - Rubik's Studio EditionRubik Studio edition from Hungary.
Rubik's Cube - Sterling Silver - Limited EditionLimited Edition cube made of 1.5 lbs of silver. 2500 made and certificate of authenticity should accompany cube - signed by Erno Rubik.
Rubik's Cube by ParkerParker Brothers version being sold in late 1994.

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