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NxNxN: 3x3x3
Graphisoft CubeA promotional cube similar to "Rubik's 4th Dimension".
Great EscapeA new bandaging concept consisting of extended corners and truncated edges.
Grey CubeThis standard-sized cube is made from grey plastic instead of black and has pastel coloured stickers.

Grey Key Chain CubeThis standard Key Chain sized cube is made out of grey plastic.
Gucci BelovedA cube showing the emblem of the "Beloved"-edition of the famous fashion brand.
Gyro CubeA knockoff from the 1980s produced in Korea.

Half Turn CubeA 3x3x3 that only allows 180-degree turns.
Half turn slice cubeOne of the simplest 3x3x3 which allows only for half slice turns.
Halfturn subgroup bandaged CubesA set of eighteen bandaged cubes implementing subgroups with at least one restriction to halfturns.

HandiCubeThis is just a 3x3x3 but a 3x3x3 specifically designed for solving one-handed.
Handlebar CubeA 3x3x3 with three of non adjacent pieces connected by a bar.
Handlebar locked cubeA bandaged but doctrinaire 3x3x3 that allows three sides and one slice to turn.

Handlebar Locked Wall CubeA Pillar Cube with two pairs of joint pieces. Both pairs itself are joint by a metal bar.
HANZOH - Half turn cubeFully proportional cube that allows only 180 turns.
Hedgehog CubeA new design (with magnets) for a puzzle first invented in 1985.

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