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Moving: Hole
Sega CanThis shows Sonic playing soccer.
Short Missing LinkA modified Missing Link with two layer but the size of one layer.
Slide AlongCould be viewed as another variant of Peters Black Hole but this wouldn't do the ingenuity of the mechanism any justice.

Slide Cube (aka: Chang's IQ Cube)A fun little moving-space puzzle.
Slide&Turn Turn&SlideA moving Hole with an additional twist.
Sliding Blocks 2x2x2A Japanese version of a 2x2x2 sliding block puzzle.

Sliding CubeLooks like a 2x2x2 with a hole. Indeed it is a pure moving-hole-puzzle but a 3D-one.
Sliding piece ballIt looks like Mozaika but has a moving hole.
SLIP-IT (aka Number Barrel)24 tiles in 3 layers with 8 columns and four colors.

SLIP-IT (aka Number Barrel) (4 layers)31 tiles in 4 layers with 8 columns and four colors.
Smarties Rotator TubeA very simple little puzzle.
Snowflake DUOSixteen pieces can be moved with two holes.

Snowflake TrioTwentysix pieces can be moved with three holes.
Sonic and Tails CanCharacters Sonic and Tails depicted on one puzzle can.
Sonic Puzzle CanThis tiled can features Sonic the Hedgehog.

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