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Moving: Hole
Gear and SlideThis puzzles combines gearing and sliding. One of its moves reminds one of the Minimal Twist.
Genius TowerA cylindrical 3x6 Whip-It puzzle has embossed stars on the pieces.
Get StuckA 3x3x3 with six moving-hole-puzzles on each side. The goal is to get stuck.

Get Well MugThis blue mug is the perfect get well present for the sick, coffee-drinking puzzle fan.
Glenlivet BottleA tile-sliding puzzle with the shape and design of a Scotch Whisky bottle.
GoldA sliding block puzzle with different size pieces.

Great GearsReturn the coloured balls to their starting circles.
Green tea canPuzzle can from Japan depicting an unknown drink.
HarmonicaA wooden puzzle that combines moving marbles with moving plungers and two holes.

Hello Kitty Cylinder PuzzleThis 6x4 puzzle features Hello Kitty pictures on each tile
Hexagonal "10" PuzzleA hexagonal version of the classic “15” puzzle.
Hexagonal "12" PuzzleA hexagonal sliding block puzzle with twelve pieces and two holes.

Hexagonal "8" PuzzleA hexagonal sliding block puzzle with eight pieces and two holes.
Hexagonal Missing LinkA hexagonal variant of the Missing Link puzzle.
Horrible HexagonA sliding piece puzzle with with an internal blockade.

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