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Moving: Hole
Whip-It (soviet era)Five rows and six columns. This one is special because of the intended points and the origin from the soviet era.
Whip-It 4x6A version of Whip-It with four layers and six columns.
Whip-It 4x6 (Embossed numbers)A cylindrical 4x6 Whip-It puzzle that has embossed numbers on the pieces. These numbers make it into a super puzzle.

Whip-It 4x6 (rhombi)Another 4x6-Whip-It. This one has a series of rhombi printed on each column of tiles.
Whip-It 4x6 key chainThis 4x6 Whip-It (with a key chain) stands approximately 76 mm tall.
Whip-It 4x8This version of Whip-It is very rare because it has 8 columns instead of the usual six.

Whip-It 6x6This 6x6, hex-shaped Whip-It stands 85 mm tall and 40 mm wide (edge to edge).
Whip-It 6x6 (golden numbers)Six rows and six columns with golden digits on the tiles.
Whip-It 6x6 (reduced columns)Works like any Whip-It with 6 rows and 6 columns. The design is somewhat different and there are two holes.

Whip-It 6x6 (rhombi)Another 6x6-Whip-It. This one has a series of rhombi printed on each column of tiles.
Whip-It 6x6 (round)Another Whip-It-derivate with six solumns and six rows but a true cylindrical shape.
Whip-It CanThis 4x6, 60 mm Whip-It is designed to look like a pop can.

Whip-It juniorA handmade version with two layers and six columns.
Whip-It Key ChainA 52 mm 3x6 Whip-It key chain
Whip-It Key Chain (russian)3 layers and 6 columns including one hole.

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