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Moving: Hole
Magic JackSlide the 26 cubes around to solve this puzzle in one of three ways.
Magical DishA cheap copy of the Backspin.
Massage Ball Key ChainA key chain version of the Massage Ball.

Master SLIP-IT 31 tiles in 4 layers with 8 columns and five colors.
Match LinkA key chain sized Missing Link clone.
Mathematical Rotate & Slide Magic TowerFive layers and eight columns covered with chinese symbols and sign to build equations.

Mekhanicheskaia GolovolomkaThe soviet version of Great Gears.
Mickey Mouse Puzzle CanDepicting Mickey giving flowers to Minnie.
Miller CanA cylindrical moving hole puzzle depicting the beer Miller from the United States.

Miller Lite CanA tile-sliding puzzle with the shape and design of a can of Lite from Miller, USA.
Mind Bender Solve-ItThis Whip-It type puzzle stands at about 45 mm. It has a built-in chain loop attachment, but included no chain.
Mind LockJust make the front purple.. and the back green by sliding the tiles.

Mind TwisterSix circles each with eight pieces and one hole.
Mini Link PuzzlerA taiwanese clone of the Missing Link with different symbols.
Mini Missing LinkA drastically shortened version of the Missing Link. It has only two instead of four layers.

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