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Moving: Hole
"Узоры" (Traceries)A variant of the famous "15" puzzle which allows endless beautiful patterns.
100$ MugA mug with a puzzle in the style of a 15-puzzle. This one depicts a 100-USD note.
100-puzzleA (much) bigger version of the famous 15-puzzle customly printed.

2x2x4 Sliding BlockA sliding block puzzle with an unusual size.
3 Level PuzzleSlide type that is harder than you might think.
7-Color Magic Puzzle (aka: Massage Ball)"Use oriental medicinal science of HAND REFLEXOLOGY to stimulate the brain & lungs while exercising the hands & fingers."

7-Up CanPlastic sliding tile can similar to the Pepsi Can.
Ah forget about it MugA mug with a line everyone of us utters sometime.
Alex Black HoleFrom one corner it looks like a 2x2x2 but has only 7 cubies of which only one can be moved at a time. While being moved every cubie is rotated in a distinct way.

AquadronWorld's first rotational-gravity puzzles based on a cubic structure. This puzzle is filled with water.
Baby Slide puzzleOne of the wellknown 15-puzzles customly reduced of four pieces.
Babylon Tower (Tsukuda)Obviously from Japan.

Back Spin / LoopholeA mix between the moving hole puzzles and the two-layer UFO puzzles.
Baffle60 beans in 12 columns and 5 rows.
Bamboo Shoot Village PuzzleMeiji Chocolate Puzzle - A moving-hole-puzzle of size 3x5 which behaves bandaged because of the unusually shaped pieces.

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