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Moving: Hole
Polo SlideA 2x2x2 combined with a moving-hole-puzzle.
Popeye Can (rectangular tiles)A tile-sliding puzzle with a design featuring Popeye. This item is of Japanese descent.
Power Rangers Puzzle CanA puzzle can depicting the Power Rangers

Puzzle 3535 balls in 6 colours make up this variation on the popular theme. Made in Japan.
Puzzle can 5x9This puzzle can has some minor differences to other variants: Its body is in black and it does not feature a soft drink.
Puzzle Pen IA 6x6 puzzle pen. Marketed by Ideal in 1982.

Puzzle Pen IIA strange puzzle from the cube craze which resembles a mixture between the ten billion barrel and Atomic Chaos.
Puzzle Pen IIIA 4x6 puzzle pen. Marketed by Ideal in 1982.
Puzzle PensThese 140 mm puzzle pens are identical except for their base outer colour and the colour of the missing tile.

Puzzle-CupA mug with an unknown advertisement.
Puzzler-6A key-ring-sized version of Whip-It. It has three layers and a hexagonal shape.
Puzzler-6 IIA 50 mm 3x6 Whip-It key chain

PyatnashkiTwo Minus Cube's from the USSR fused into one puzzle.
Raduga (Varikon)Five layers and five columns of marbles moved with the help of an additional single hole.
Raduga (Whip-It)Whip-It with four layers and six columns. Made in the former soviet union.

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