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Other Shapes: Other
Master CubillusionThe bigger brother of the Cubillusion.
MegatwistA shape transformation of the megaminx. Closely related to the Twisted Starminx.
Meteor MadnessA jumbling twisty puzzle based on the geometry of a triangular dipyramid

Micro CubillusionThe even smaller brother of the Cubillusion.
Mini CubillusionThe smaller brother of the Cubillusion.
Mini UfoA truncated Ufo which looks less like an Ufo but more like a cylinder.

Mixup PrismThe concept of the mixup cube applied to a triangular prism
MoleculeA shape variant of a 2x2x2
MushroomA 3x3x3 with an additional layer glued on. In shape of a mushroom.

Nested CubeTwo 2x2x2s (both hollow) in one puzzle. One was designed around the other.

Octaball (cylindrical)An Octagon and a 3x3x3 Ball combined.
OctrignisA mass produced Vulcano with four tips truncated.
Open GigaminxA Gigaminx with the biggest part of it removed.

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