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Other Shapes: Other
Open GigaminxA Gigaminx with the biggest part of it removed.
Open Master PentultimateA Master Pentultimate modified like the Open Gigaminx
Open PetaminxA bandaged Petaminx with a big part of the puzzle removed.

Ornamental SkewbA Skewb transformed into a Super Skewb by gluing "rooftops" onto the square pieces and stickering them apropriately.
Overlap Cube 2x2x23Another of Oskar van Deventers journeys into twisty-puzzle-extremism.
Paparats Kvetka (fern flower)A piece-shuffle variant with pieces taken from a 3x3x3 and a Master Pyramorphix. #6 in a series of 6 variants.

Pillowed Crystal ContainerA rebuilt X-Block with indentations.
Pinwheel CubeA 2x2x2 with four extensions consisting of two cubies each.
PlatypusAlso called: Jackpot/Platypus/Pyrabix/NGP/Xtreme Puzzle.

Platypus BorgA Platypus transformed like a Borg Cube.
Platypus SupremeOriginally introduced under the name "Jackpot Supreme".
Platypus UltimateOriginally introduced under the name "Jackpot Ultimate". Lights up when a side is solved.

Platypus WeeniconsA merchandising version of Platypus depicting eight different characters from the Weenicons merchandise.
Plus CubeA 3x3x3 with cubies glued on faces and edges.
Polychromatic DiamondA half truncated cube with non-equidistant cuts and a single cubie in one of the smaller triangles.

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