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Extended Cube (Edges Only)24 cubies glued onto the edges of a standard 3x3x3.
Extended Cuboctahedron54 Cuboctahedron cubies stuck onto a slightly modified standard 3x3x3.
Extended Cuboctahedron (fully functional)A beautiful shape transformation of the Cross cube.

Extended Ultimate Skewb (1046180C30000026704CE22801F)An Ultimate Skewb where 3 faces were deleted by gluing some extensions on them.
Extreme Holey MegaminxFirst variant out of a series of Holey Megaminx transformations. This one has six twistable faces left.
Fairly FudgedThe sucsessor of Fairly Twisted. With the help of fudging one new type of move is made possible.

Fairly TwistedA twisty puzzle with seven turning faces designed to have no symmetry.
Fasces Skewb - Extended Ultimate Skewb (501E003C00001E603CCA2001F)An Ultimate Skewb with six face were deleted by gluing extensions on.
Fisher DNA CubeThe MFJS Fisher DNA cube combines the concepts of Fisher Cube, Mirror Blocks, and Eitan's Twist.

Flop EasyA Floppy Cube with 2 pieces removed.
Floppy Cross 2An enhanced scramble cube with four additional pieces. Could be viewed as Scramble Cube +8.
Floppy twistA successor to the Floppy Flip 3x3x3 with a twisted middle layer.

Four BarrelA 2x2x2 with two additional types of turns. A very strange fellow.
Four Sides Extended 3x3x3A shape variant of the 3x3x3. Four rows of three cubies each were glued onto a 3x3x3.
Four Sides Extended OctagonA shape variant of the 3x3x3. Four rows of three cubies each were glued onto an octagonal prism.

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