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Other Shapes: Other
Meteor MadnessA jumbling twisty puzzle based on the geometry of a triangular dipyramid

Methane 2x2x2A 2x2x2 resembling a single molecule of methane.
Micro CubillusionThe even smaller brother of the Cubillusion.

Mini CubillusionThe smaller brother of the Cubillusion.
Mini UfoA truncated Ufo which looks less like an Ufo but more like a cylinder.
Mixup PrismThe concept of the mixup cube applied to a triangular prism

MoleculeA shape variant of a 2x2x2
MushroomA 3x3x3 with an additional layer glued on. In shape of a mushroom.

Nested CubeTwo 2x2x2s (both hollow) in one puzzle. One was designed around the other.
Octaball (cylindrical)An Octagon and a 3x3x3 Ball combined.

OctrignisA mass produced Vulcano with four tips truncated.
Open Crazy CometA mass produced Crazy Comet halved. Only four sides can still be turned. Stickered on the inside in a way that both sides can't be solved at the same time.
Open GigaminxA Gigaminx with the biggest part of it removed.

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