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GigaTwistA shape transformation of the gigaminx. The same concept as the Megatwist but implemented with a Gigaminx.
Grid CubeA fractal twisty puzzle.
H CubeA fractal twisty puzzle.

Half CubeViewed from one corner it is an ordinary 3x3x3 but from the opposite it is revealed that it is a 3D-printed halved void cube.
Half Truncated Scramble Cube +8A Scramble Cube +4 with four additional cubies and subsequently truncated like one of the basic shape variants of the 3x3x3.
Half-and-half CubeA shape variant of the extended-only 3x3x5. It combines pieces of the capsule cube and the concussion cube.

Half-Fisher 2x2x2A puzzle with a shape somewhere between a 2x2x2 and the 2x2x2 Twister.
Heart Linked LockLooks like a kind of Siamese Cube but it is a single 3x3x3 with several cubies glued on.
Heaven's EyesA face turning rhombic dodecahedron made with pieces designed for a different puzzles.

Helicopter TwistA Helicopter Cube cut down into a spiral like shape resembling the Twist Cubes.
HelipadA Helicopter dodecahedron more than cut in half. Five out of 30 axis remain.
Helix 7A successor of Rainbow Nautilus, also with seven sectors but with different angles.

Helix 8A successor of Rainbow Nautilus, with eight sectors and therefore different angles.
Hex Prism in cubeA shape variant of the insanity cube.
Hex�nglrA three-layered prism with 60�-turns at the four arms.

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