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L-Cube 3x3x7A X2 X-Cube with two extensions removed.
Leaf CubeA truncated 3x3x3 puzzle in the shape of leaves.
Lethal WeaponThis is just a shape transformation to a 3x3x3 cube. It is similar to the theme of the Extended Cube.

Little HutA reimplemented variant of the Uncanny 2x3x3 with proportional pieces.
Magic Morphix setA 2x3x3 and 1x3x3 transformed in a way that they result in a curved tetrahedron.
Magic Snake CubeA 3x3x3 drastically truncated into a shape resembling Rubiks snake in its ball-like form.

Mars Fort SkewbPieces of a skewb and a skewb diamond shuffled to create a new shape.
Marshmallow CubeA 3x3x3 modified into a very unusual shape.
Master Cross CubeThe higher order version of the Cross cube.

Master CubillusionThe bigger brother of the Cubillusion.
Master Meteor MadnessThe master version of the Meteor Madness puzzle.
Master Sun DialThe higher order version of the Time Machine.

MausoleumA painted 3x3x3 with reduced pieces and a creepy scheme.
Megamorphix Cube IllusionPieces exchanged between a 4x4x4 and its tetrahedral cousin. Made in two different versions.
Megamorphix in a CubePieces exchanged between a 4x4x4 and its tetrahedral cousin.

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