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Other Shapes: Other
X-1.5A 3x3x5 and a 3x3x7 combined into one puzzle.
X-Block SupremeThe concept of the X-Block applied two times to a skewb. A Skewb with looks as if one has fused two X-Block's.
X-Cube (Crossoid)A 3x3x3 with additional layers on four of its sides. It became a member of a whole series similar to the Crazy Plus 3x3x3s.

X-Cube (Star Wars)A merchandising version of Playtypus with a StarWars-theme.
X-Cube 2The smaller cousin of the Crossoid.
X-Square-1A 2x2x2 with four layers of a Square-1.

X2 X-CubeA 3x3x3 with two additional layers on four of its sides.
Yego's Double TwistA 3x3x3 transformation into a two layer twister.
YouCubeThis puzzle tries to answer the question "How strange can a puzzle look like?"

ZicronaminxA hexagonal prims which is three layers high and two layers thick.

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