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Other Shapes: Sphere
Spiderless Little ChopA Little Chop without spider and magnets.
Stalk BallA Rubiks Sphere with the corner pieces hidden under customized plastic sheet.
Star ball 24A spherical version of the Little Chop, designed for mass production.

Star Cap MasterballBoth center layers on this USA Masterball variation are all white.
Starball DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.
Sudoku MasterballThe concept of Sudoku applied to a Masterball.

Super Pyraminx BallA hollow sphere with tetrahedral axis system that allows 60°-turns.
Szerencsekerék BallA spherical Skewb advertising the hungarian version of "Wheel of Fortune"
T-Rex MasterballA uniformly colored masterball covered with tattoos showing a T-Rex.

TakarékszövetkezetA skewb in shape of ball with the inscriptions of a hungarian bank.
Tennis Ball DreamballThis Dreamball depicts a Tennisball.
Tennismaster MasterballThe rarest of the original Masterballs. Featuring a Tennis-based theme and the writing "Grand Slam" on the top.

The Simpsons DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.
Think Puzzle BallComplete the four coloured circles.
Thomas BallThe original version with twelve coloured rings.

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