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Other Shapes: Sphere
Ring Masterball (Red on Black)A Masterball variant that has one red layer and three black layers.
Ring Masterball (Red on White)A Masterball variant that has one red layer and three white layers.
Rubik's EarthA spherical 2x2x2 showing a world map.

Rubik's WorldA black globe on a stand with the seven continents in various colours.
Rubik's WorldA spherical 2x2x2 showing a world map.
Rubik's World (Tsukuda Original)Version by Tsukuda Original with slightly embossed continents.

Sanrio BallA spherical skewb with different characters of which Sanrio has the copyright.
Saturn (piece shuffle)A piece shuffle between two spherical 3x3x3s of differetn size.
Silver Triangles MasterballBesides the obvious aesthetic value, the eight silver triangles differentiate the pieces on the top and bottom halves of the Duo.

Silver USA MasterballThis USA Masterball variation has two white columns and two silver columns.
Snow Cap MasterballA Masterball variant that's impossible to mix up.
Soccer BallWhite Skewb ball painted like a soccer ball.

Soccer Ball Mach Finommechanika version of a soccer ball. Also depicts a soccer player, outlined in red.
Soccer ball (championship in USA 1994)A replica of the black soccer ball. Assumed to be produced for the championship 1994 in the USA.
Soccer Ball 2x2x2 (World Cup 2006)A promotional item for the soccer world cup in 2006.

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