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Other Shapes: Sphere
Minimalist Master SpheremateA mass produced void pentultimate with the inner mechanism disclosed.
Mirror Ball 3x3x3A Mirror Blocks (aka Bump Cube) in the shape of a sphere.
Moody BallA Skewb ball variation created by Gerd Braun.

Multicolour MasterballA Rainbow variant with black tiles replacing various coloured tiles.
Naked MasterballA custom painted Masterball with some tiles removed.
Naked MasterballA custom painted Masterball with some tiles removed.

Nike DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.
Number PlanetA spherical token-swapping puzzle. An implementation of M12, Mathieu 12 group. A puzzle with a theory-heavy approach.
Octaball (sphere)A face-turning octahedron transformed into a sphere.

OctaBallPrismAn almost spherical octagonal prism with three layers.
Octagon DreamballA Dreamball puzzle.
OctoAqua globe with silver continents. There are no embossments on the surface.

OneWorld by JD EdwardsA sphere with mechanism of a skewb which advertises a software from turn of the century.
Open Twist BallA Twist Ball truncated to become an "open" puzzle.
Opusball - ConstellationsA remade equator puzzle. This variants shows the (western) zodiac symbols on the twelve middle pieces.

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