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Six-Sided: Cuboid
2x5x5A cuboid in the tradition of the 1x4x4 from the same inventor.
2x5x5 (square olzed)The second design of the 2x5x5. This one was handmade from another mass produced cuboid.
2x6x10Designed to be the ultimative shape shifter.

2x6x6Another cuboid which had been thought to be impossible in the past.
3 Layer Super Square-1A puzzle made from the Super Square-1 with 3 layers instead of four.
3x3x10A 3x3x10 with the shape of a true cuboid.

3x3x10 (pillowed)A 3x3x10 cuboid. It had to be non-proportionate to be functional.
3x3x11The name describes it perfectly. Two years earlier this puzzle would have deemed impossible.
3x3x12This cuboid was created after the 3x3x14 by removing a pair of layers.

3x3x14A half regular cuboid from Grégoire Pfennigs run of cuboids of 2012.
3x3x3 CamouflageA 4x4x4 in camouflage. In this case it pretends to be a 3x3x3.
3x3x4 (cube4You)Not the first fully functional 3x3x4 but the first mass produced.

3x3x4 CamouflageA 4x4x4 in camouflage. In this case it pretends to be a 3x3x4.
3x3x4 CircleA 3x3x4 with additional circle layers at top and bottom.
3x3x4 Fisher CubeA 3x3x4 truncated and extended into the shape of a cuboid.

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