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Six-Sided: Cuboid
Shape changeable 5x5x5 IA mass produced 4x5x5 modified to add another layer.
Shape changeable 5x5x5 IIA mass produced 4x4x5 modified to add another two layers.
Shape shifting 2x3x3This is a 2x3x3 that allows 90-turns on every face and can therefore change its shape drastically.

Shapeshifting 3x3x6A fully functional 3x3x6. The pieces are deliberately designed to be unproportional.
SHIFT-SANITY - 7x9x11 ULTIMATE SHAPE SHIFTER CUBOIDDesigned to be the ultimate shape shifter cuboid.
Single Axis Gear BoxA 3x3x3 with a geared mechanism, connecting two opposite sides.

Single Circle 3x3x3A Crazy 2x3x3 with one layer of cubies glued on the circles of one side.
Skinny CubeA redesigned and even thinner variant of the Slim Cube.
Sliced Floppy CubeA 1x3x3 with two additional deep cuts.

Slide Twist Twist Slide The successor of "Twisted Assembly Puzzle" made for IPP33
Slide-1A Square-1 with four holes on the top and bottom layer and with additional holes on the sides.
Sliding 1x2x3A 1x2x3 enhanced with the abilities of a Sliding Puck.

Sliding 2x2x3A successor to the sliding 1x2x3 and the sliding Domino.
Sliding DominoA 2x3x3 with two circles on opposite faces.
Sliding SSQ-1The successor of Tony Fishers sliding Pucks. 6 layers of tiles taken from various Super Square-1's.

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